Most frequently asked questions and answers:

What is the minimum length of your Lease Agreement?
Our Lease Agreements typically require a 12-month term.

Will I be permitted to “sub-lease” my position, should I become a renter, to another individual?
Yes, you will be able to sublease your lease position with the written approval of all remaining lessee(s) and the lessor.

Will parking be available?
ABSOLUTELY! All of our properties provide our renter's adequate space to park their vehicles “Off The Street”.


Are pets permitted in your properties?
We do not allow pets in any of our properties. This enables us to provide our Renters with clean and well-maintained living conditions.


Will we be responsible for mowing the lawn?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We provide FREE lawn mowing and maintenance service for all of our properties.


Who is responsible for maintenance should it be required?
All maintenance issues will be performed by our maintenance staff in a timely manner.


Are we responsible for Utilities?
Tenants are most typically responsible for their own utilities.